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**A portrait of Onuss, a member of the Ghudra race from my upcoming Titans|Divinity novel.**

Few races hate Humans as much as the Ghudra.

Before the arrival of Humans, the Ghudra were the most scientifically advanced race in the area now known as Titan-Space.

As such, they were the only people spared the omni-present threat of invasion from the Korva Empire, whom the Ghudra worked in concert with to subjugate other nearby civilizations.

Once Humans arrived, the Ghudra discovered a new and diverse gene pool to experiment with. They did so for generations, murdering millions of Humans in the process.

After the advent of Titan technology, Humankind destroyed a good portion of the Ghudra’s infrastructure, severely curtailing their ability to work with most advanced technology.

Although not officially banned from Titan-Space, most scientifically minded Ghudra are watched so closely by Titans that they choose to leave Titan-Space voluntarily.

However, no one knows where it is they go…

You can see more at the book site:

**So this is the finished piece I posted the preview image of in my last post. As I mentioned then, I started it in Daz Studio, then brought it into Blender for texturing and rendering with the Cycles engine.

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